When a loved one enters the advanced stages of an illness, a hospice can help them enjoy a more peaceful, happy life. Hospice care focuses on providing comfort and improved quality of life, as opposed to treatment and rehabilitation. You likely spent a lot of time making the decision to enter a loved one into hospice care, but once the decision is made, you need to choose the right hospice.

Residents of Michigan can come to First State Home Health & Hospice Care. Our experienced team of caregivers treats every resident with dignity and sympathy, and we’ll ensure that your loved ones can enjoy their final months.

Hospice Care

Typically, before a patient can enter hospice care, a documented prognosis by a certified physician that shows a life-limiting prognosis is required, and the patient needs to voluntarily elect to enter the hospice and receive palliative care. When this is done, the patient can move in, and we will work with them and their family to create a comfortable living environment.

If you’re unsure as to whether or not hospice care is necessary for your ailing loved one, talk with them and their doctor. The decision is never easy, but it is important, and open communication is key. Don’t let your loved ones suffer; bring them to First State Home Health & Hospice Care.

Sterling Reputation

Our team is dedicated to keeping your loved ones happy and comfortable. Perhaps your loved ones would like to continue their medical treatment uninterrupted. We provide care to patients all across the region at all hours of every day. We are certified caregivers, and we work with your doctors to ensure that your loved ones are cared for.

Are you interested in hospice care in Michigan? Call First State Home Health & Hospice Care today at (989) 771-2100 to learn more about our prices and services.

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