After surgery, hospitalization or illness which requires healing and recovery at home, receiving quality home care can be especially helpful. Also, after a new health care diagnosis which requires a change in daily lifestyle, it can be particularly effective.

Here are some key factors that may determine eligibility for home health care:

    • Limits on physical mobility.
    • Chronic illness with periods of instability.
    • Need for assistance with IV medication for infection.
    • Need for tube feeding support.
    • Walking assistance is required.
    • To leave the home, assistance is required due to a medical condition.
    • Ability to leave the home is limited due to multiple diseases or recent diagnoses.
    • Limits on physical mobility due to stroke or general weakness.
    • Surgery which was recent or is scheduled.
    • Being on oxygen.
    • Falls which are frequent.
    • Due to immobility or changes in condition, anxiety or psychological challenges have developed.
    • Changes in several medications.
    • Multiple visits to the emergency room (ER) or admission to the hospital.
    • Weight loss which is unintentional.
    • Breathing difficulty.
    • Pain which is poorly controlled.
    • Daily wound care or treatments.
    • Infection that complicates the wound-healing process.
    • Challenges with nutritional or fluid assessment needs or management.
    • Advanced neurological disease.

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